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Algarve Points of Interest - Traditional

In the Algarve region, several traditional markets can and should be visited, not only by tourists but by everyone! 

One of the best ways to get to know the Algarve people, as well as the fresh and regional products. The most common markets in the region are the daily markets for fresh vegetables, fruit and fish, most Algarve towns have one and it is usually located in the centre. There are also many weekly markets held in various towns in the Algarve, these are usually open air and mainly comprise local producers.

Loulé Market - Inaugurated in 1908, it is located in the historic town centre of Loulé. Recently restored, it allows the market to operate inside, while the building's exterior architecture remains original and unchanged. It is the ideal place to find fresh and organic products, such as fresh fish and Algarvian regional products. On Saturday mornings, the producers' market is held around the pavilion where fresh produce from the area can be bought. Also on Saturdays, there is the weekly gipsy market, an open-air market where the main attractions are clothes, shoes, ceramics and various handicrafts - the ideal place for anyone who loves a good bargain.

Olhão Market - Although it dates back to 1866, it was only in 1912 that the new buildings, interconnected by brick arches, began to be built, giving it its characteristic architecture and orange tone. The market area includes the Fish Market and the Vegetable Market and is open daily allowing hundreds of people to come and browse the market looking for the best fresh and organic produce.

 • Portimão Market - For all those seeking above all freshness, variety and numerous options to choose from, Portimão Market represents a pleasant experience for all its visitors. Large space with countless options to choose from, this market stands out as being a treasure trove for all gastronomy lovers, being the place of choice for the best chefs and restaurants to buy fresh and regional products. Open daily, it guarantees its visitors a world of opportunities, from the restaurant area to the stationery shop. On Saturday mornings, the options increase, since the small farmers of the region come to the city to sell their harvests. Without complications and with just the normal bustle of a traditional market, get the best products, at the best prices.