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Algarve Points of Interest - Algarve Cities

In the Algarve, your holidays take on a historical dimension. 

All over the region, it is still possible to unveil the charms and secrets of Portugal's history, which time does not erase. From the Roman presence to the long Muslim heritage, from the Christian reconquest to the epic of the Portuguese Discoveries, there are plenty of reasons to rediscover signs of a remarkable historical past.

Faro | Vila Adentro - The Old Town of Faro, now called Vila Adentro is characterised by its crumbling arches, cobbled streets and historic structures. The dimly lit restaurants and bars with terraces that spill out onto the streets create a romantic old-world landscape. Through its medieval heritage expressed by well-preserved vestiges in the form of churches, museums and walls it is possible to unveil the city of Faro as it deserves. 

 • Lagos - Despite being heavily battered by the 1755 earthquake, Lagos has managed to preserve in its streets and squares the traditional charm left by the Romans and Muslims. On the site of the old medieval town, the houses reveal much of their character in the doors and windows, the wrought iron of the balconies and the outdoor spaces. It is in the part of the town built after the maritime expansion, that the taste for "Art Nouveau" is noticeable, the use of tiles and the noble façades is predominant.

 • Silves - Once considered the official capital of the Algarve, is one of the oldest areas of Portugal. Silves retains much of its charm in the streets of the former fortress, which respect the medieval layout. The buildings stretching from the ramparts down to the river are good examples of bourgeois architecture associated with the prosperity brought by the cork industry.

Tavira - Located on the southernmost coast of Portugal, this picturesque town is among the most beautiful historical sites of Portugal. In the era of five hundred, Tavira was the most populous region of the Algarve and a point of high strategic importance. This era strongly marked the urban appearance of the city. Today it is possible to verify in many streets’ vestiges of that glorious past. One cannot talk about Tavira without referring to the river and the atmosphere that the city presents because it was developed along the river. The bridge, of ancient origin, is a privileged place to observe it. From the barred doors to the fine interlacing of wood, great Arabic heritages present in the Algarve culture, Tavira deserves to be discovered.