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Algarve Points of Interest - Maritime Activities

Enjoy the sea in the Algarve.

From activities and water sports to picturesque and impressive seascapes, the options are endless. With excellent Marinas and beaches considered the most beautiful worldwide, there is always something to do and visit during your stay in the region.

Ponta da Piedade | Lagos - Ponta da Piedade is one of the most picturesque and impressive sceneries in the region. With rocks sculpted by the tides over thousands of years, the naturally designed caves and tunnels give it an unparalleled beauty. The Ponta da Piedade Footpaths are an attraction not to be missed! Although its length is short, it is a great way to discover the cliffs and beautiful beaches hidden along the coast.

Algar Seco - Boneca | Carvoeiro - highly recommended for everyone visiting Carvoeiro, especially for photography lovers! With limestone rocks sculpted by the sea and wind, it is possible to visit natural pools, authentic balconies and windows over the sea. The most famous one - the Boneca - which thanks to sea erosion has formed the windows with the most romantic view of the Atlantic Ocean.

 • Boat or kayak trips to the caves - By boat or kayak, visits to the caves of the Algarve coast are an activity not to be missed! With some of the best Marinas located in the Algarve and with countless offers, it is possible to make the best trips to the caves of the Algarve coast. It is worth highlighting the famous Benagil cave, very close to Benagil beach, which allows the visit by swimming, boat or kayak.