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Faro International Airport

Faro International Airport - also known as Algarve Airport - is in the central part of the Algarve, the most southern region of the Algarve.

Strategically positioned centrally along the coast and close to the city of Faro, the District capital, Faro airport serves the Algarve region and the lower Alentejo and, together with Seville airport, also serves the Spanish community of Andalusia. The airport operates international and domestic flights, mainly tourist flights, and with high traffic, it is a seasonal airport since it has high traffic peaks during July and August. 

The Algarve Airport represents the main entrance gateway for tourists and the second-largest external entry of passengers at a national level, just after Lisbon Airport.

At the airport you will find a wide range of services which guarantee your total convenience, both on arrival and your return journey:

• Arrivals and Departures Consultation - it is possible to follow in real-time the departures and arrivals of the day and predict the schedules to the minute and consult the details of each flight.

• Airlines and Destinations - This allows you to consult the main air routes to and from the airport and the international and domestic flights between Faro and the respective airlines.

• Rent-a-car - allows you to consult in real-time the rent-a-car companies operating at the airport, as well as to search for the best vehicles at the best prices.

• Transfers - allows you to book private and direct transfers between the airport and your destination at the most affordable prices.

• Taxis - consult information on how and where to catch a taxi, the cost of a trip from the airport, the rates, the types of vehicles available, capacity and how luggage is transported.

• Bus - provides information on bus connections and routes to and from the airport, bus stop locations, prices and timetables.

• Trains - although the nearest train station is 6 km away, you can find out the quickest way to get there and the train timetables and prices on the Algarve line.

• Parking - allows you to consult the information about the car parks, the locations and the rates applied.

• Hotels - Find out about accommodation options both near the airport and in Faro city centre.